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Custom doll waiting list

Three months into 2011 and a few of my custom dolls have found their little ones already, some are still in hiding, awaiting their Easter basket or the Birthday party, occasions on which they will make their appearance. I am waiting, and waiting, hoping that the little ones who will get to play with them fall madly in love and that these dolls are hugged, played with, taking to the doctor's office, and all kinds of important adventures like that. I would love to hear one day that one of the dolls I have made went camping! It seems that I am the only one who allows her girls to take their dolls camping!. There are still a few custom dolls in the sewing room, spending time with me and letting me know how much they like this or that button. One of those dolls is a boy, and he is so particular about wool felt, I think he might go on in life to be salesperson!.

But now, I am getting closer to the bus stop of the custom doll wagon, and I am hoping to bring with me a few more kind souls, who would love for me to spend time dreaming a doll just for them. Like I have mentioned before, custom dolls are very dear to my heart. Yes, they involve a ridiculous amount more handwork than a doll that I just make to suit one of my ideals. Why? I am not quite sure. There is the hair colour conundrum, the outfit has to match the description of the child's demeanor, the doll has to be made more slowly than the other dolls, more consciously I believe. I usually read what the parent has told me about their child, and I take it to bed with me. I try to envision this child and what they are like, I look at their photos when provided, and try to visualize the finished doll in their small hands, embraced. All of this comes out of my hands into a doll that I hope becomes a life-long friend. Maybe not the exact look-a-like doll, in reality I never shoot for making a doll copy of a child only more of a resemblance, but a doll that has the same energy as the child they are made for. Hoping that this will translate into a doll that is well used, loved and smudged. The reason I make dolls.

Now, I only have two months this time to make this group of dolls, therefore I will take less passengers with me. The wagon already has a few occupants, family friends who have requested a doll for their little one and of course we have to oblige, so this only means you have a friendly face welcoming you as soon as you get on the wagon. I will take six people, and plan on making their dolls in a two-month period. Then, the last group of custom dolls will be offered in June and I won't take custom requests for the rest of the year. So, if you don't make it into this group, perhaps there is hope close in the horizon.

This time the opportunity to come and ride with me dreaming a custom doll will be done "raffle" style. There seems to be a lot of anguish about wether or not you will be able to leave a comment in time to make it onto the wagon, so therefore I have decided the following. Comments will be open tomorrow March 31st and I will close the comments at the end of April 1st. That way everybody has two days to leave a comment, please include your email address or send me a note ( so I can contact you in case you have successfully made it into the reservations group). I will then close the comments and post the names of the wagon passengers!

While there are no restrictions to this set of custom dolls, ie: they are not offered only to people with no dolls of mine in their homes, I do request that the comments be left only by the person interested. No "angeling" of any sort will be allowed as I am offering these tickets to people who will actually come in the ride with me. So therefore, please do not ask your friends to leave a comment so you can then increase your chances of getting a spot. Also, please know that there are sometimes cancellations and I can contact others in waiting when this happens. And, above all, please understand that is as much your choice to cancel a spot as it is mine to determine wether I want to work with you or not. It will all be much clearer once you get to read my FAQ document.

So off I go now, to sew to my hearts content. I will open the comments to this post tomorrow and I am so excited to see who is interested in joining me for a two-month joy ride. Have a good day!


Pleased to announce...drum roll!

This is Mary, a Kismet doll for you.