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Pleased to announce...drum roll!

The names of the passengers for the 2nd Fig&Me Imagination Tour 2011 (I know, I am having too much fun with this) are:

37. Kimberly Sullivan
15. Linda Jordan Todd
2.  MBP (I received your note so I have your email, dont worry)
30. Serena
13. Meg Desrosiers
22. Margaret 0171780

I will contact you all later on (with a hefty document to read!), and we will start discussing the particulars of the little doll I am about to create. Thanks for coming, for your persistence, for all your wonderful comments. I loved seeing the slowly trickle of comments, and reading them all. I wish I could take you all in the ride, but it wouldn't meet safety standards and we would probably all crash together. So therefore, I will move on with this small group and hope to see you here again in June.

I have a few exciting plans for this month, including some fun and interesting giveaways, so we'll keep in touch. I will be having a basket of papooses peeping out today, so I will not be around much to answer emails, I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!.

Thank you all so much for coming.

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