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Spring is springing!

I know! what a dumb title...must be the mental fog I'm in...I think I have bronchitis since my lungs are burning and can't seem to breathe without incredible pain. Oh well...time spent in bed is time well-spent...especially if you have a pair of knitting needles and a birthday project on the go that *must* just get a few more rows...dear lord, knitting is quite imposing on one's life!

I wanted to post these little cuties because they have brightened my otherwise painful days. Aren't they cute? This group of Spring-inspired dollies will be available at the Vancouver Waldorf School Spring Market, so locals: get your butt in gear and show up to share some love with the wonderful peeps that have been crafting their little hearts out for this event.

If you don't happen to live near Vancouver, then I will have some more of these little peeps available on a scheduled update (they will all go live at once) on Saturday March 26th, and previews on flickr before then. Time to be announced at a later date. Now back to bed and more tea with honey for me.

This is Mary, a Kismet doll for you.

Birthday presents