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Birthday presents

Life is so much "funner" when you can make things. I firmly believe it. Things don't always come out right or the way they are supposed to, but the process, the journey, the "making" is so much fun that in the end you do feel accomplished and appreciate the results even though their wonkiness winks at you all the time.

I've been sick for the last few days, and with so many things piling up on my table, I always go by the tangent and make something just for the heck of it. I decided to make the soon-birthday-girl a teddy bear. Her sister has one and sometimes a teddy can feel terribly lonely in the company of so many dolls! Sad no more buddy, 'cause a pretty girl is coming your way! We still need to figure out the whole button-jointed business, and maybe add a little bit more stuffing...maybe some clothes too...I figure a pretty slip dress with a fancy hat. You are going to just have to wait another week or so to see her finished, because this week is all about Easter mini dolls (working on them), sewing papooses and finishing dolls that are getting quite impatient of sitting around with no shoes or silly ends hanging from their knitted clothes. Patience my friends, I am feeling better after a weekend of figuring out bear-loveliness, and will be writing many posts and next week there will be finally some cute dollies coming out for their moment to shine. I hope you are starting your week with lovely things in mind.

Spring is springing!

Adieu French Dreams!