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Adieu French Dreams!

I feel like I need to say good bye to all these dolls somehow. Even though almost all of them are out of the house already, and some are even getting smooches and lots of love, I need to officially wave them adieu.


My heart feels so heavy, but not from darkness, it feels heavy with satisfaction. With appreciation. With a bit of contentment. I feel like I really put my heart out into these dolls, and my ideas came to be in the most harmonious way. I think I truly came close to what my vision was for each one of them. There is of course still much to learn but I feel so very happy with what my hands created.



Even though they all share commonalities I believe each single one is so different from each other. It is definitely not a matter of skin tone, hair colour or clothes. It's a matter of concept, of inspiration and it has to do with the idea behind each doll.

"Jardin des Tuileries"

I feel so happy to have made them, and I feel like I have achieved another milestone in my creative pursuit. I feel a bit older, and much more attuned to my instincts. Today I placed my hands over the fabrics, trims and buttons of the new collection and I started remembering when I started with this previous one. I remember the morning, with the snow falling outside, when I first cut some clothes. My memories took me to some of those nights while I sewed arms into one, or the afternoon I embroidered lavender flowers. I remember so vividly the buttons, pressing the seams, choosing the bias to bind some of the necklines, rouging the cheeks...ah! what a life I live! I am so grateful.



Thank you my dear french girls, you have given my hands many joys and you have brought many smiles along this journey. I hope you are loved, and cared for, and happiness surrounds you.



Au revoir mes chéris!

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