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From a white rose bush.

From a white rose bush.

Have you ever read Snow White and Rose Red? It is one of the Brother's Grimm classic fairy tales, and coincidentally one of my two daughter's favourite fairy tales. It tales the story of a pair of sisters, born to a poor widow, who lives in a lonely cottage.

Snow White by Fig and Me. A custom petite fig. #dollmaking

I first was inspired to turn this pair of sisters into Snow White and Rose Red, because the request for a pair of custom sisters and knowing they will be living with the rose-loving-child, sent me straight into that direction. What else to send Enid's way, but two little girls inspired by rose bushes?.

Now, if you haven't read this story before, it is common to hear Snow White, and mistake her for a young princess (how is THAT for a trip down memory lane?) who has to hide in the forest from her evil stepmother. This is not that story, and the mistake comes from the translation of german to english. This is a very lovely story, which my children asked me to read for them oh! so many times, and they delighted in the misadventures (and rudeness!) of the greedy dwarf. And I think they secretly wanted a bear to come and sleep inside our house too.

Snow White is a petite fig doll by Fig and Me. 

I started working on them last year, little by little forming those legs, those tiny necks, their slim waists. I have mentioned before that I like to create the bodies of my dolls before I coax their faces out of the wool, and this was just like so.

This gives me time, which I need, to see them in my head before I sculpt them. I thought they would be going home for Christmas but, as the dolls usually do, they have different ideas.

Snow White was to be made, as request of her mother, in the likeness of another little girl called Sisley. She knows I like to be inspired by previous dolls, but that this magical doll making adventure always take us to discover new personalities and therefore, new wool people.

While yes, I can see much of Sisley in this little face, I also can't help but just see Snow White as well. And having used this story as their inspiration makes me so happy, because I feel is one more way to share something I deeply love, not just the dolls per se, but my love for storytelling and fairy tales, with this more-than-kind and loving doll mother as well. 

Custom natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Her name is Snow White and she has her sister Rose Red waiting for her. 

And you must be wandering, where is Rose Red? Well, she had so much fun yesterday playing with my little girls, watching a movie, throwing balls for the dog, and making sushi with their Dad, that she was quite tired this morning and said no to an early photo shoot. But don't dismay, as soon as she is up, we will fetch her in front of the camera and show you.

They are both delightful. Full of life and ready for adventure. Their clothes are coming quite nicely and with a bit of luck today, we shall be putting those finishing touches I always leave for the last minute. 

Petite Fig by Fig and Me. This a natural fiber art doll, with needle-felted sculpted features, suri alpaca hair, stuffed with wool, and 18" tall. 

Snow White, a custom natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

I hope their Mom and Enid welcome them with open arms. It won't be long now before they can go home!.

From a red rose bush.

From a red rose bush.

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