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From a red rose bush.

From a red rose bush.

And so here is the other sister, Rose Red. As I mentioned yesterday, this one is so full of energy that it's hard to make her sit down, long enough to snap her picture. But here she is in her full glory.

Rose Red is a custom natural fiber art doll, with needle-sculpted face and long suri alpaca locks for hair. Made by Fig and Me.

If you have read this story before, you will agree that this sweet doll is fully and utterly Rose Red. From the energetic eyes, the little smile, and the limbs full of energy that just want to be outside, chasing butterflies, looking after animals, seeking adventure.

Unlike her sister, who loves to stay at home, keep mother company and help with the housework, Rose Red loves to be outside. Mind you, we don't let her venture out in her birthday suit, oh no!. We have prepared for her and her sister a beautiful wardrobe, one inspired fully by this fairy tale (think old-fashioned style dresses but with a modern sensibility of course) plus another outfit, more suited to keep Enid company in the garden. Oh! the plot thickens!!.

Rose Red, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Yesterday as we were working on their outfits, Rose Red started asking Snow White to do a switcheroo. You see, her dress is full of pink and red (obviously) and Snow White's is grey and brown (favourite colours ever!), but as I was dressing them and undressing them for the hundredth time, it struck me that they do look very good in each other's dresses.

Must be what their mother always told them: "What one has, she must share with the other". Good girls. They took this to heart.

Rose Red, a doll inspired by the fairy tale of the Brothers' Grimm. Made by Fig and Me.

Rose Red, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Now, let me tell you a little about her creation. I had the hardest time bringing Rose Red to life. While I had an inkling of what I was to do in the making of her sister, she just wouldn't come out of the wool. Initially I attributed this to being the end of the year, and being tired perhaps. But normally strength never fails me when I am about to sculpt a doll. Quite the opposite.

I took it as a good sign to put everything to rest and to come back in the New Year, back to her and her story. To see if her sister would help me to coax her out. But no, I was full of anguish and every time I held the needles in my hand I would immediately procrastinate and do something else.

Oh yes, we must tidy the studio first, so we can concentrate.

Oh yes, perhaps is about time to put all those needle-felting rovings in their own place.

Oh, I can't work if I don't clean my sewing machine first. Must do that first.

Days went by and she was still pretty much in limbo.

I decided to dig a bit deeper into my uncertainty. Why was I avoiding working on her? Was it fear?. I think so. The thought of disappointing her mother was very, very much in my head. I knew she expected a doll inspired by Sisley. But I had no clue if she was going to love Rose Red.

So here I was. With felting needles in my hand and no courage. It took me several days to come to the realization, once again, but it has to be reached at a certain point in the doll's creation, that I put forth all of me here, and whoever comes out is their own little person. And I know, from experience, that creating like that is the only possible way for me. 

I trust in this process, it carries me forward. I trust that my dolls have their own little lives and paths to live. And I trust that sending someone out with this trust is what gives me courage to keep on giving. And seeing her now, I know her mother has no chance but to love her. How could she not?.

Rose Red, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

So here she is, the little devil. I am glad she gave me a hard time because I always learn something about myself. Now, if she just stops talking so we can get down to business, that would be great.

Wish me a bit of luck with these little ladies, as I am about to try on boots and hats and all that stuff, and we must head outside for more photos. 

To be continued.

Snow White and Rose Red. A little story.

Snow White and Rose Red. A little story.

From a white rose bush.

From a white rose bush.