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Three wooden cradles.

Wooden doll cradle, made with purple heart and live-edge walnut by Fig and me.

My husband finished a few days ago three beautiful wooden cradles, the stuff of dreams I tell you. I felt *slightly* selfish not sharing them with all of you until the bedding was ready but I knew you would forgive me, so here they all are. Two are made with purple heart (that is the color of the wood, they are not stained) and one with ash; all three have a lot of live-edge walnut and they rock dolls in the cutest possible way. They fit dolls up to 16" tall, but you can sit inside a whole bunch of smaller ones and "corral" them that way, i.e. keep them out of trouble.

Handmade bear pillow, for your pretty doll bed. By Fig and Me.

Wooden doll cradle by Fig and me.

Wooden doll cradle, walnut and purple heart, by Fig and me. 

Wooden doll cradle, bear pillow by Fig and me. 

All the cradles come with cotton twill pillows and hand-tufted mattresses, plus a pillowcase and warm blanket. They will become available for purchase tomorrow morning at 10 AM EDT on my store, but you can view the listings now. If you have a little girl who needs one, please take a look. If you have baby dolls without a proper rocking bed, this is your chance to grab one. Of course I am extremely biased but I happen to think they are the most beautiful wooden toys you will ever find. I said I was biased. 

Happy weekend my dears, hope some of you take one home. 


Adios my dear, sending dolls away is a hard thing to do.