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The beginning continues: cloth doll design and musings.

She is coming along, by Fig and Me. 

I have written before about this year's cloth doll new obsession, and after many months, drawing board designs, sketches, dreams, fiddling and thinking, she is coming along. I think she is the missing link between my figlettes and my cloth figs. Somewhere in between. Hopefully.

After creating Jose in all his plumpness, I decided I wanted to streamline the affair, as well as the size. I think she is now sitting at 12" or 13" inches of clothy goodness. She is string-jointed so she can stand and pose, she is made of all natural materials of course, and there is a lot (and I meant it, a lot..) of thinking about her hair. My ideas fly in the wind, and come back to me multiplied. I want fabric on her head, but she is fighting it. These dolls really need to be just a little quiet sometimes, instead of giving me so much grief. 

In other news, I have opened an Instagram feed for our adventures. Nothing fancy, just out takes of works in progress (when it actually happens, I am working less these days), snap shots of our day, and loads of nature clips as it inspires me so much to create, to be mindful and to take deep breaths. If you are in there, pop by to say hello. Don't worry, you are not going to miss dolls becoming available, the blog is the place to be (subscribe for that purpose please). Once I have a little bit of time (ha!) I will add a nice badge so you can check my photos there here, but for now this shall do. Now I need to go and eat another slice of pumpkin bread before these hoodlums beat me to it. Happy lazy Sunday everyone!

Life is Creation.

Thorpe, the sleepy head.