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Life is Creation.

Bláithín rests on the bed, by Fig and me.

Some days the travels and journeys I embark on when I am working on dolls amaze me. How can you travel so far, experience so much, relive and enjoy, when you never leave the same chair? How can your hands guide you to corners of the world, bring memories, smells and tastes, all inside your own  head?. Is it just your imagination, or do you actually move in a different place and time pedalled or flown by the power of your creative force?. 

My little flower, by Fig and Me. 

A girl named Bláithín, by Fig and Me. 

I have been reading myself to sleep every night, and most decidedly, what I am reading is filling my head during the long hours of doll making. Between Goethe, Maurice Sendak and the work of Wilhelm Reich, I am finding my creative journey very lively, albeit it is a lonely road. I pour myself imaginary tea, and enjoy an engaging conversation with those same books that inspire my hands. Bláithín has come straight out of those corners of my childhood, as she brings comfort and fresh air into my work, and at the same time allows me to dig deeper into my creativity's form and function. Dollmaking never ceases to amaze me, inspire and motivate me to delve deeper and lose myself into that creative journey. Such abandonment is so appreciated and relished.

Life is creation, by Fig and Me. 

To cite William Steig, as he wrote in "Some Notes on Art Inspired by Reich" (published in the Orgone Energy Bulletin in January 1952):

"Life is CREATION - the ceaseless movement of cosmic creative orgone energy weaving the universe. We, being nothing but vessels of cosmic energy, continually, inevitably create - or we die. We create pies, gestures, chairs, houses, thoughts, songs, pictures, ourselves, our societies - and when we create without impediment, we feel the wonder that always accompanies flowing creation". 

The very truth, and nothing but the truth. So Bláithín says.

The beginning continues: cloth doll design and musings.