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Adventurer Explorer. Check.

Carla in her Adventure outfit, by Fig and Me.

Little Carla came for an extended visit. I really do not intend in keeping them this long, although something can be said for lollygagging too much, and taking forever to even start cutting their fabric. What am I talking about? Well, the reason for Carla's visit was a new outfit. Rumour has it she might be travelling across the Atlantic to the wilderness of Africa, and understandably she needed new clothes for such an adventure. ( How lucky am I to get to dressed them for such occasions? how lucky am I that people bring their dolls—made by me—on such adventures? very lucky!). 

New linen outfit, by Fig and Me. 

Carla ready to meet adventure, by Fig and Me. 

Ready to meet the wilderness, by Fig and Me. 

So, we turned the trusty scissors to cut some light weight linen for such an outfit; decked with a profuse amount of patch pockets in a mustard cotton graced with pink and white medallions, sporting some purdy roses. A standing collar and double-folded cuffs on short sleeves add the "wilderness explorer" touch. Oh yes! Pearl snaps on front and back (outfit opens on both sides) for ease of tucking her into such duds, and a cute wooden button that reads hand made. How adorable is she? I think, in all fairness, that she wears things with a lot of ease due to her petite physique and the fact that she has such nice disposition. Clothing maker score one. 

Little details of my new clothes, by Fig and Me. 

We had absolutely every intention of adding a fantabulous wooden buckle to her belt. However, life proved difficult in such regard. After much trepidation and two, not one, trips into town to uncover the sought-after buckle, returning empty handed and discouraged, Carla took me aside, tied the belt around her head and said: ta da!. Oh, I do love it when the dolls cooperate to such extents. So, I am very pleased that she can wear it as a little head band to keep those woolly locks away from her face, and yet also wrap it around her willowy waist when the need arises. Clothing maker score two.

A Wilderness Explorer, by Fig and Me. 

Now, let's discuss those linen canvas boots with fabulous wool felt soles, shall we? Adorable. I am this close for figuring out the pattern in my foot size ( a mere US size 5.5 ) and making myself a pair to just waltz around the house. We live in Canada, and we do know that there is more Winter ( sssshhhh…don't mention the word! ) than anything else, so those boots are going to come in quite handy. But the cherry on the top, so the say, is the hat. A linen helmet, with two wooden buttons: the elephant given to me by a very dear friend more than one too many moons ago, and I have been hoarding it, I mean, cherishing it for the right occasion. I was so happy that Carla chose it to grace her hat. It looks perfect. Clothing maker score one hundred.

Now all we need to do is have a royal going-away party, eat lots of goat cheese with herbs on salty crackers, drink wine and say adios. Don't worry Mom, she won't be getting into the wine. As for me, I can't be held accountable when I am alone in the house. Giggle giggle... 

Little Zane, master of the universe.

A sweet beginning.