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It's a rumbly tumbly affair!

It's rumbly tumbly time! by Fig&me

These little pudgy babies are the *newest* obsession. I have lost track of the double-takes my husband has given me while I hold one in my hands. The awkward stares are reaching new heights, new dimensions. I think he is starting to get very worried about my sanity, for real this time. Poor man, what I put him through! But, in my defence, there is just no holding back when you have one these rumbly tumbly babies in your hands; any remains of self-control are lost, and you just make weird faces and funny noises. You go into rumbly tumbly baby phase. Be forewarned!.

Miss Pudgy WinkWinkleheimer Schmidt, by Fig&me.

Rumble in my tumble tummy, by Fig&me.

A rumble tumble sort of life, by Fig&me.

And while I am completely smitten with them, I will share them with the whole wide world. They will all be up for sale tomorrow Wednesday February 26th, at 9 AM EST in my Etsy shoppe. Price for the Rumbly Tumbly babies is $75 USD, except for the ones with brown argyle, those will be priced at $85 USD, prices do not include postage charges. They are all made with repurposed cashmere knit and stuffed with wool. They have a little pouch inside with lentils, to give them heft and girth. They are the most squishy babies I have ever met. They are very chubby and sit at 6.5 inches tall. After these little beauties I might be persuaded to keep them available on a regular basis, because I do love them so. And for now, excuse me while I go and tumble them all on fluffy white pillows and we all pretend these are mountains of snow. Eeeps. I have totally lost my marbles.

Another beginning.

Winter scenes

Winter scenes