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Sunday sweets

Little Bear, by Fig&me

I was talking earlier to a dear customer, and went and revisited my gallery of Wee Babies. I was amazed to see so many, and to see their evolution in the short few years I have been making them.

One of the wonderful things about my doll making journey is revisiting the path travelled. I can see these photos, and remember what was going on in my life when I made all those little dolls. I can remember the thoughts that were going through my head as I changed the ears on this one or that one, as I made a more protruding belly, as I almost screamed with excitement when somebody gave me a white angora sweater and had visions of buttercup bunnies. It is a beautiful thing to be able to revisit my life, my triumphs, my dismays by going over the work I have created. 

Little Precious, by Fig&me

Little Buttercup, by Fig&me

To see how my work has evolved fills me with so much pride. When my mom was here and I was trying to teach her how to make this particular kind of doll, she was asking why do I do things this way or that way, and it just kept flooding my head of the particular instances in which I discovered that exact technique or when I made that decision. Much of my life is a puddle of ignorance, I have to confess, and I work more with eagerness and ingenuity than with deep knowledge and certainty. Things just spill out of me, I just want to create them and how to make them happens as I am crafting. There is of course an element of planning and design, of sketching and figuring things out, but most of the time is on the work table where I make my discoveries. It feels like such an adventure!.

Wee Bunny and Baby Carrot, by Fig&me

I suppose is the same for everybody out there, creating with their hands and hearts. Wether you paint, sculpt or work with a sewing machine, to be able to see your journey behind you is something you can't help but smile. Smile a lot. 

*all these photos are of Wee Babies made in the past, do not get your hopes up of them being available for sale. Sorry!

My three princesses.

Wee Babies, for the newbie family.