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Yellow is the colour of the day

We succeeded into taming Carlotta's hair, I know some of you were worried about her "scalp" but let me assure you, she suffered no damage and no tears were involved. Only time and patience and lots of mini donuts were used as bribery. 

I took her outside this morning to enjoy the peace and quiet before the neighbourhood wakes up. We admired the beds of yellow at our feet, and decided to take a few home to adorn our windows. Birdsfoot trefoil is the name of this particular matchy concoction. Yellow must be the colour of the day I thought. 

Calotta agreed to wear long bloomers. We had a few discussions in regards to shorts or skirts yesterday, but we both decided fluffy stripey pants were the choice for her. I think she wears yellow very nice, don't you? She is only waiting for a little coverlet and pillow, in order to model her sweet pyjamas, and she will be ready to find a new home. Maybe even later today. She will be available comment-style here on the blog, so drop by later tonight or perhaps tomorrow. In the mean time, Carlotta and I will make a refreshing lemonade or perhaps a yoghurt cake with lemon glaze. As I said, yellow is the colour of the day.

Carlotta, a handmade natural doll

Do not worry, we will use our fingers!