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Miss Crocus and Miss Candy.


The whole neck business really threw my agenda out to the curve. But we are almost caught back up. Here are in progress photos of Miss Crocus and her sister Miss Candy, two 13" tall handmade dolls, who will be ready to shine tomorrow! I am sorting out their elastics, about to trim Miss Crocus' hair, and there is a pair of shoes that needs to be decided upon. Other than that, they are almost ready.

It was so much fun to work on little dolls again, after been playing with the figlettes all this year. These wee ones always strike me as a little bit mischievous, I am not sure why. Maybe is because I compare them with faeries, or brownies, or other little beings who like to play jokes on unsuspecting humans. Either way, they are very fun to have around.

Miss Crocus is wearing a two piece ensemble of dress and pantaloons, while Candy wears a dressy dress and a lamb coat. I still have to sew a button on her coat but it is almost finished as well. After popping them in the shop, then I can go all out and make bedding for the fabulous crib I have on my table, and with some luck have it available in a day or two as well.

These two will be uploaded to my Etsy store, tomorrow night Wednesday Feb. 27th at 10 PM EST. They will each be $235 USD plus postage charges. They are suitable for a child 3+ (as there will be buttons on their clothes, so not advisable for little children).  Off I go to put some photos in the Gallery and see you tomorrow!.

Fly Away Doll Cradle and Bedding

Rowan, a handmade cloth doll.