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Pilar Buttercup and Patootie her dollie

Pili has had the most wonderful weekend, full of friends, family and balloons. Her favourite thing in the world. But now the time has come for her to find a home to belong to and make someone else giggle. We are completely in love with her, and with her wee baby doll Patootie! I am sure these two will bring joy wherever they go.

Pili is a quiet and pensive doll. She spends a lot of time looking out the window, contemplating illustrations (loves to point you out everything on them), playing with her baby doll, and is very good at entertaining herself. Loves to count things, and find "patterns" in everything around her. She can be a bit moody, but she regularly has a very nice disposition and good sense of humour. I found Pili many times, just tucked in a corner, sitting all by herself, with a little smile on her face...that made me wonder:  --what is this doll up to? I think Pili has many things she would like to show her new family, new ways of holding dolls, new ways of playing, perhaps even new ways of sitting by a window and letting the world come to you. She seems to me like that.

Pili is a 21" tall Figlette, made with cotton jersey and stuffed with wool. Her hair is wefted mohair and can be combed very lightly with a baby brush or softly with your fingers. Pili wears a little set of pink pearl earrings, that sparkle every now and then. She comes with a full set of clothes, to bring many hours or doll play into your home.

Outfit One: a linen romper, that closes on back with snaps; bound leg cuffs, and sleeveless. A matching gingham bandana and a pretty hair bow clip. I made her a hand knit sleeveless eyelet jacket, to keep her shoulders warm during chilly afternoons, the jacket closes on front with ties. Her shoes are made of wool and glass  buttons and match both her day outfits.

Outfit Two: a pink linen dress, with tiered gathered skirts, ruffles on straps and a bit of trim. This dress also closes on back with snaps, for easy dressing. The dress comes with a matching bonnet, with very long straps so you can make really big bows (she likes bows too!).

Outfit Three: a set of comfortable cotton flannel pyjamas, with a little front pocket edged in crochet trim and vintage glass buttons. Pants have elastic on legs and waist for a snug fit. She is also wearing a pair of cotton undies, but for modesty reasons she didn't want to model for me.

Pili comes with her very own little doll, Patootie. This is an 8" doll made with a vintage pattern,  cotton muslin and stuffed with wool. Patootie has jointed legs, that allow her to sit and stand. She is dressed in a matching pink dress, with a ribbon casing for easy fit; a dotty linen bonnet and her knitted wool diaper, which can be easily removed.

Pili and all her items are toys designed for older children. There are many buttons and snaps that pose choking hazards, and her hair and doll need to be handled very gently. I recommend these toys for a child 6+ or an adult that loves to play with dolls.

If you would like to welcome them in your home, and you think you would enjoy playing with them, please leave a comment in this post with your NAME, EMAIL address, and COUNTRY, 
so I can contact you in case your name is selected to purchase them. 
The price for Pilar and her set of clothes and doll is $585 plus postage charges. 
If your name is selected, you will receive an email from me, 
and an invoice through paypal in order to proceed to purchase.

Thank you for coming to read about Pili, and good luck to those who wish to bring them home.
**there are more photos of them in the Gallery.

I have notified the selected person to bring these two dollies home, and if all goes well they should be going home pretty soon. 
Thank you all that expressed your interest in making them a part of your family. 
Pili and Patootie can't wait to start their life of adventure!

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