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Mesmerizing eyes

That's that. That's what I am going to call this new eye shape of mine. Mesmerizing eyes. Truly they are. They tug at my heart strings and make my dollmaker heart go pitter-patter. She has such a deep gaze, tenderness, quietness, and a little smirk of childhood mischievousness, all in those eyes.

Last year, when I decided to be brave and change the shape of the eyes of my dolls, I never looked back. Every now and then I still do the simple, yet timeless, oval shape for the eyes, especially when I do little dolls. I changed to a more elongated shape, especially on one side, that gave you a doll with a pretty almond eye. I strongly believe that the shape of the eye says so much about the dollmaker, and it also brings a recognizable look to your doll's face. The details of placement, size, and depth of the eye are the little marks of what makes your doll a special doll.

Amelia is a special doll. She required a different expression. She said she didn't want my "now traditional" almond shape, or the shape I used for Eva, she wanted her very own eye shape. I searched within me, I looked at photos of my girls when they were little, and off  I went. I have now created a new shape in my repertoire and I am so very happy with this accomplishment. Now, I will go and finish her clothes so we can properly introduce her. Be right back in a day or two.

My sweet Amelia

Pilar Buttercup and Patootie her dollie