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What I've been up to...

All kinds of relaxing, really. It feels so add to not have 300 things to do on the day list, and although I am far from "done" I do have so little to do that it feels very odd. Very odd indeed.

Well these two little babies are on their way to their little mamas. The green one is for a 18-month-old little girl, who lives in BC, and a friend of mine commissioned a little noggin' to bring her for Christmas.

The red gnome baby is for the 8-month-old baby of a friend of mine, who also lives in BC. Baby Essie is going to literally scream when she sees the little christmas elf, I just hope her mom doesn't go deaf soon from all that yelling. We had them over a few weeks ago and it was hilarious to hear her so loud and clear!

It was so fun to work on little dolls like these ones. Eva was getting very jealous of all the winter dolls, and before I shipped them away she put on all their clothes and was very fussy about it. I told her that without an excuse she would have at least her dress and shoes finished this week. She was appeased by my words, played a little with the baby dollies, and now we are off to make some paper snowflakes for our Christmas tree.

In a few days I will have a recipe to make cinnamon dough ornaments, which smell delicious and are simple as can be to make. And also, if you want to make some wool play food, go and get the following supplies: piece of foam (sponge) to protect your knees or whatever surface you are going to work on, needles and handle for needle felting (get several in different gauges), dyed roving in "food" colours, and plain wool stuffing or batting. You won't need a lot. That way, next week when I start to make the girls' pastries you will be able to "tag along".

See you soon!

Cinnamon Ornaments and Pretty collars

The meeting, and the friendship.