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Cinnamon Ornaments and Pretty collars

I told you I was determined to finish her dress. I kinda took a shortcut. But Eva is very pleased that she is no longer borrowing clothes from the entire neighbourhood of dolls around here. She does have some fancy requests for boots, but I am running out of yarn...so I might have to oblige with the sewing machine.

I wanted to share with you the "recipe" (ja!) on how to make cinnamon ornaments. They smell so unbelievably delicious, they are so simple to make, and they last forever. Sorry for not actually having a recipe but there is no point. You need massive amounts of powdered cinnamon and applesauce. You mix apple sauce into the cinnamon until it reaches a consistency of cookie dough. Really. In rough amounts you are going to need about 3 cups of cinnamon to maybe a cup of apple sauce. It depends on the water content of your apple sauce. So go little by little so you don't end up with a super soft dough and then you run out of cinnamon to add. OK?

Once you have the consistency that will allow you to spread it with a rolling pin, have at it. Cut with cookie cutters, make a whole with a chop stick or something similar, as once the dough dries the little hole will become much smaller. You can dry them in the oven at 200 celsius (do the math!) for a wee little bit. I really don't know for how long, I dry mine on top of the wood stove and it takes like two hours. So I think it would be way shorter and much more efficient to do it in the oven. Be sure to cover your cookie sheet with aluminum foil, as that cinnamon can be quite sticky. Our tree is covered in them and the house smells like Balsam, cinnamon, applesauce. Perfect Christmas combination.

In other news, I am working, working, working, on my little girls Christmas dolls. I am so excited, and nervous, to give them new dolls. Oldest daughter wants a pink hair doll, she said. Youngest daughter asked for "purpoh" (purple) dollie. Tomorrow, with better light, I will start needle felting and taking photos of the play food I want to make for them, so be ready shortly after with your supplies, if you want to tag along.

Have a busy and wonderful week, full of preparations, visits and excitement. Only a few more sleeps 'til Christmas!

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