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The Elving

Is becoming quite serious around here! Dad and I are running out of time and there is still so much left to do...and we only have one more morning while the girls are in school to get most everything done...it's going to be a tight race!

This last fall my two daughters sat down and made me sketches of their Christmas dolls. Perhaps they have seen me way too many times sketching dolls, and so they think that this is the way dolls are supposed to happen. You see them in your head first, and then Mom gets to work. Amongst their "for real life" requests, they asked for dolls with hair like Kate, our Moonchild doll, and for the dolls to have pink and purple hair.

My friend Berrie did me the wonderful honours of gracing me with her very own hand dyed yarn, after I talked to her in a bit of a fright about it. I did not want to experiment with dyeing boucle yarn, especially for these special dolls. Berrie just went ahead and produced the two most amazing shades I have ever seen! She is like that you know, she doesn't even try hard to make everything work out perfectly. Thank you Berrie for helping me make one more Christmas miracle happen over here!

One of the coats is almost ready, the other one is being held prisoner by copious amounts of pins and the presser foot of the sewing machine. The boots still need ties, their underwear needs bows, the dresses need a little here and there and some buttons need to be picked. The cardigans needs ends woven in, the pyjamas need velcro on the back, the list is endless, isn't it?

And Daddy, oh my gosh...he is preparing another magnus opus over here. We are used to him working into the late hours of Christmas Eve, bringing their Christmas presents at the very last minute, pretty much like Santa, jejeje!

I will try to photograph more tomorrow, wish us luck!

All is calm

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