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All is calm

I wanted to pop really quickly to say hi, first of all, but also to let you know that I did finish the dolls in time. Dad did finish his presents in time. As usual. We are relaxing and enjoying the calm of the last days of the year. I am reminiscing over this past year, and taking it all in. I am working on a post, kind of a wrap-up, of all that I accomplished and think I learned this year.

Going over all these photos has made me realize how lucky I have been this year, to have the support of so many wonderful people, the kind words, the emails, the heart-felt letters, the thank you notes in the mail, the photographs and the friendships I have made this year. How much my children have grown, both the real flesh and blood ones, and the wool and cotton ones. So hopefully I will be back shortly to wave good-bye to this fleeting year. Thank you all!

A year of growth

The Elving