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Doll Papooses!

How cute are these? I GOT to learn new ways of describing things other than "cute", but it does seem to sum up things quite nicely.

So here are the photos of the available papooses for tonight's extravaganza. I will have them ready for take out at 10:00 PM eastern time (as usual). The place to be will be here.

If you want one and miss it, I will have a few more either at the end of this month or in early November. I turn 34 at the end of October and I am anticipating some parties, so there will be less time to work. That and the Boreal Life collection is quite intensive. I am up to my neck in wool and pieces of fibers and fabric swatches.

So there, this is the first of the last two papoose updates of the year for me.

Tomorrow I will have preview photos of Sofia, the little one that is ready for play. She is getting very excited for her photoshoot. See you soon!

Boreal Life, part one

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