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Tiny pieces

Tiny pieces of glass, that's what I feel in my throat. Mental fog. Achy body. Tired lungs. Sick. Great!. I wanted to come and post a quick note to let everybody know a few things, before I retire to the slumber of my bed, to my cups of tea and my foggyness:

--I have a batch of papooses almost ready. I was working like mad on them, but now they are quite forgotten on top of the sewing table. It won't be much to finish them, but the update will have to wait until next week. I was planning on listing them tomorrow. No can do. So, therefore, giving myself plenty of time, we will meet again, with a papoose update on Etsy, Tuesday October 4th, at 10:00 PM Eastern. I will have the previews the same day during the day, but can tell you now that these are the choices: grey corduroy with a boy print (2x), yellow corduroy with a girly print (2x), yellow corduroy with bunnies and polka dots (1x), pink corduroy with girly linen print (2x). So there, seven papooses will be ready next week. Mark your calendars please.

--I will be travelling out of town this weekend, so dont be too discouraged if I am not answering emails until I get back. I have read everything, both in my email and etsy, and as soon as I am out of this fog I will reply to everybody.

--There wont be any dolls this Saturday, for reasons abovementioned. There is however, one sweet little girl who is waiting for her dress, and who will be available next week. I think it is safe to say she will be ready for previews on Wednesday, and I will announce then when she will be up. Her name is Sofia, and I can hardly wait to show her to you.

That's all folks! Back to my bed, with my cup of tea, and my cozy sleepers. Hope everybody has a nice and healthy weekend.

Doll Papooses!

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