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The season's change

I can almost feel it. The leaves all of a sudden are starting to turn yellow...very faintly here or there. The mornings are brisk, there is a cool wind off the lake all day, laundry dryes in no minute, the light has changed. My most favourite season of all is coming.

And I can feel it, more directly, in the way I create. All of a sudden, while I am still using some white and blue and pink, I can see my hands spending more time touching wool, knitting sweaters.

I witness how my eyes gravitate towards orange, creams and browns. My sewing machine works with more fall-inspired fabrics, and my knitting needles and crochet hooks are savouring the colours of spice and pumpkin, of chocolate and apples. I can hardly sit still waiting for the boreal forest to flush with the colours of Autumn.

Which reminds me, I will have two little girls needing some pairs of comfy corduroy pants to go to school, and a new school sack for the new kindergardener. Perhaps I can manage to make them some new tams...or even some lunch boxes...should I make them some pretty blouses? or should I make them skirts? ah! decision...and almost zero time at all. Better get cracking!.

Tessa, a kismet doll

Sewing a doll dress, a tutorial

Sewing a doll dress, a tutorial