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In the land of Peter Pan

That is where I seem to live now, at least for the last few days (ehem...weeks!). I have sort of a confession to make, as this type of collar was so not my forte. I tried and tried and tried to make peter pan collars, so many times, and even though I was getting better with each try, they just weren't my favourites, but I think I am finally satisfied with the results.

I can't quite tell you, exactly, what I was doing wrong, or what I did right. Every single one of these necklines is different, and yet somehow, they are all pleasing to me now.

This one is made with medium weight vintage linen, it has interface, and is topstitched. It stands out pretty and stiff, and looks quite formal to me. Just what I was shooting for....yeah right!. But yes, I am very pleased with the way it makes this dress look. The model is Millie, a custom doll I just finished and sent home with a friend.

This one over here is not interfaced, the linen is lighter, and it's a little bit smaller. But, it is still pretty cute, and it gives this tunic a rather schoolish look. Back to school was the name of the outfit, if I remember correctly what this mom requested for her Giveaway outfit. Bebe Violette and Little Gabrielle will soon be enjoying playing with this new set of clothes I have made for them. A school tunic, a pair of linen bloomers, and a flannel diaper (not pictured, as Millie refused to wear a diaper, she is a big girl now).

And then there is this one. An A-line tunic (or is it a shirt? or a blouse? what is the difference in all of these terms? english is always a bit confusing to me), let's just call it top to be a bit less specific; well then, this top has the same kind of non-interfaced collar, medium weight linen, and it just sits so nicely. What in the name of the Lord was I doing wrong is beyond me. I clipped the curves, I stay-stitched, and yet all those previous collars were a bit rough around the edges, and did not sit properly above the neckline. Not that these ones are superbly made or anything like that, but they do sit better, they stand out a little nicer, and they just look so darn cute.

Now, on to finish the dolls that will be wearing these pretty outfits. They should be ready for previews on Wednesday, with a lot of luck of course, and they will be available on Thursday morning...very early. I haven't decided times yet, but I know this one is going to call for early morning coffee for me.

I've been having so much fun sewing for them, adding details here and there, and if time allows it, this next few days I am going to experiment with shoes and maybe even with a few extras. Ah! creating dolls is so exciting!

Hope everybody has a great week.


Tessa, a kismet doll