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Tatum, a kismet doll

Oh my goodness, time does fly by! The month is almost over and I haven't offered a kismet doll just yet. so Tatum and I decided to give it a go.

Kismet dolls are offered to people who do not own a Fig&Me doll just yet, and the process is quite simple. If you qualify under this category, you leave a comment in this post (with your email address please), and after the time is up, I select a person that is then offered to take her home. I send an email with all the particulars and ta da! you got your doll!.

Tatum is a natural doll, and she is only 8" (20 cms) tall. But do not be misled by her stature as she has lofty dreams and a great personality. She was created as the last doll in the "At Camp" collection, and therefore I decided to take a little bit more time thinking about what she was going to be like. She is a rambunctious little doll, therefore her unruly braids. She has a beautiful and quiet smile, and pretty sparkly eyes. Her dress was made thinking of her favourite snack: smores! She does like to roast the marshmallows according to a very detailed list of specifications. They always come out just right!

Tatum is made of all natural materials, and she would be appropriate for a 4 year old and up. Her skin is cotton interlock and her stuffing is sweet and recently sheared wool (so lofty!). Her face has been embroidered, so her facial features will never fade out, and her hair is a cap crochet with mohair, which has been sewn to her head quite firmly. Tatum is wearing a cotton dress, with a little wooden button. This doll and her dress are handwashable items, and their care instructions will be emailed to you once she is going home.

Thank you for participating and expressing your wishes to take Tatum home. However she will be going to Number 1, Jennifer, jgbran22(at)aol.com! She is very, very excited Jennifer! I'll be contacting you by email shortly.

Thanks everybody. Another kismet doll will be offered in August.

No easy task.

At Camp, at last...