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At Camp, at last...

Here are Sailor and Jonas. Two little dolls, ready for play and hugs. They both have similar personalities, as they were both created at the same time, thinking of the same place. Our family camp.

Sailor is a 16" tall doll, of the natural variety. She is very agreeable and spends many hours playing with the world globe in our living room, thinking of all the places she wants to visit "when she is much, much bigger". She loves the lake, and her favourite color? blue of course. You might think that she is a quiet little doll, but she is not. She is a total riot, and likes to climb trees and chuck things inside the furnace vents. A riot I tell ya'.

Jonas on the other hand, although playful and giggly, is very much a good little boy. He is kind of quiet and loves to go fishing on our little canoe.

He always return the lake trout back to their home and waves them good-bye saying : "go back to you family". Perhaps he was mighty impressed by the story in "The curious Fish" by Elsa Beskow, a reading staple in our home.

Jonas is also 16" tall, and is also made of all natural materials. These two dolls, plus a few other little 8" ones, will be available on Tuesday July 26th, at 2:00 PM eastern time (9:00 PM Berlin time jejejeje!). More photos in the Gallery.

These dolls are the last made in this collection, and after them, I will start with a very new and exciting collection called Cottage Chic. Thank you for coming to read about them, and for all your kind words as I work my way through all these big design challenges of mine.

Tatum, a kismet doll

Coming of age