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The arrival of Figlette

I have mentioned several times before that I have been working on a new style of doll. A doll that I am creating as some sort of tribute to my little ones bony knees and childhood quirks. This doll came to me last summer, as I struggled to settle in a new community, surrounded by the powerful waters of Lake Superior.

I did not have time then to work on her, but every now and then I would get glimpses of what I would love to see in this doll, what I wanted this doll to be like. Little did I know that I would only get busier and busier and busier. Yet the yearning was there. To create a doll that was a bigger challenge for me, more sculpting, more design into her, more thought put into this seam or that dart.

Then early this year I finally drew her. And I made three dolls under those drawings. They all came out the way I saw them, but somehow they weren't the doll I was expecting. So I left those dolls like that, and took more time to think about Figlette.

My path as a dollmaker has changed so much from when I started, and in recent conversations with other friends, I think I really need to come to terms with some of it, and acknowledge the place where I am. So I can move forward. So I can keep doing this.

Anyways, as usual, I ramble. Here she is. This one has no lips, as I didnt have the courage to sculpt them this time. To me, she needed to be sweet and simple. I've been thinking about her name, and I am thinking and thinking. Her name will come soon I guess.

For now, she will seat with me as I cant seem to stop carrying her around, and we will start making her beautiful wardrobe. I have such big plans for her. And I am so delighted to finally have her with me. She is not finished, as there are still a few details to add to her, but I am so happy with the results of all this waiting time. It wont be long before she has a journey of herself, and finds a place to call home.

Doll Stats.- she is made with organic cotton tricot, and is a different fabric than the one I normally use for my dolls. She is much thinner, and measures 15 in (give or take a little). Her hair is animal fiber, applied to a wool cap. It is sewn down, pretty much like a rooted wig style. This allows for playful styling, and also resembles normal hair more closely. She will come with a full wardrobe, as I dont intend to provide individual outfits for her (somebody please stop me from the madness!). She has movement to her arms, but I wouldnt call her a poseable doll. She has a bum, so she sits better, and both leg, arm and foot seams are done by hand. I hope I can make her lots of shoes, and lots of hats!

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