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Another day

is this the most boring dollmaking picture or what? well, I happen to squeal every time I see my laundry line like this...because it means a world full of dollies wearing outfits made of these fabrics...swoon!
Another goes by, with little done, but so much to do on my table. A huge group of dolls waiting to be sent, to get hair, to have feet. And finally some sketches done. Phew! Once the sketches are done I always feel like half the battle is won.

I am and will be working on a very special doll. A doll that was requested by a budding, yet albeit much younger, dollmaker. She will turn 8 (or nine?) coming August, and has requested a doll, made by me. She wants a mexican doll. How fitting I thought. Now, this could have been such an easier thing for me to do, given my background, and somehow is stirring all kinds of energies and thoughts in me. About my past, my childhood, my work and my future. I wonder where I'll end up once I am done with her.

I have big plans for her, as usual. I hope time does not slip away as it always does. I hope she is pleased with what  my hands will provide her. And I so very hope, and wait, to see this doll come to life. I have said it before, but it is such a magical, slow, emotional and enrapturing process for me, to create a custom doll. Especially this one. The photo above is the yoke of her blouse, made with creamy muslin.

I plan on documenting it a little. I hope you come and visit.

Coming of age

The arrival of Figlette