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And the winners....are....

First off, let me tell you how touched I am by all those photos that you have shared with me. It has given me a lot of much needed strength, and also inspiration. To carry these images with me, images of many children, young and old, who play with dolls that I have created, is one of the most satisfying and nurturing things I have ever felt. I will carry on with my dollmaking adventures, happily knowing that many hands have taken my handwork into their homes, and that these dolls are cherished and loved. Thank you so, so much, for supporting me and for sharing with me inner and private views of your family, your children, and yourselves!

Now, with so many friends coming to join the giveaway, I couldnt just pick one winner. If life was to allow it, I would made something for each and every one of yous, however, that is crazy talk. So, I decided to choose four winners. The first prize and then, three more chosen ones for one extra outfit. I hope it's OK with everybody and nobody feels too sad about not winning the jackpot!

The contestants were:
1 Saoirse-Poppy and Sanna
2 Kateri-Nynaneve
3 Arya-Annie and Molly
4 Rhiannon-Strawberrie and Cookie
5 Cillian-Anakin and Eric Jonas
6 Nancy-Bourdeaux
7 Nancy-Bees with Honey
8 Cheryl-Little Mushroom Girl
9 Aggie-Maple Syrup
10 Ruby-Hazelnut Fig
11 Lucian-Bunny Baby
12 Willa-Marshmallow
13 Sierra-Marlissa
14 Lila-Mushroom Molly
15 Claire-Chartreuse
16 Lily-Toulouse and Birdy
17 Katie-Rose
18 Julia-Ellie
19 Daniela-Isabel
20 Evie-Maddie
21 Bella-Don King
22 Kristina-Happy
23 Kate-Piper
24 Baby Max-Henry
25 Gwen-Maya
26 Charlotte-Violet
27 Brayden-DeeDee
28 Ryan-Paris
29 Eric-Wolfie
30 Debby-Rainey
31 Jennifer G-Mina
32 Jennifer G-Misty Lavender
33 Kiana-Molly
34 Mei-Rowena
35 Jean-Languedoc
36 Triniti-Flower
37 Katherine-Squirrel
38 Gabrielle-Bebe Violette
39 Sebastian-Bebe
40 Poppy-Bloom
41 Fiona-Marigold and new doll
42 Danielle-Chipmunk
43 Claire Coleshill-Molly
44 Lilly-Waterlilly
45 Leif-Odin
46 Maelle-Baby
47 Emma-two dolls
48 Sue-Twinkle
49 HMS-Pomander
50 Ann-Birch
51 Sarah Powell-Mushroom Fairy
52 Baylee-Hippy doll
53 Jasper-Jasper
54 Abby-Lake Maiden

The numbers are not in the same order you entered for the giveaway, as I had to check two different accounts for photos, etsy and also the blog post. I decided to enter all the names on an excel spreadsheet, and give them a number. We printed the list, cut the papers and my two little ones picked pieces of paper left, right and center. So, it really didnt matter the number you were given, but that your name was on the list. So, without much ado...here are the winners.

First Prize Winner
Full Four-Seasonal wardrobe, to be tailored to your doll measurements
Number 9, Aggie and Maple Syrup

Second Prize Winner
One outfit, season of your choice
Number 38, Gabrielle and Bebe Violette

Third Prize Winner
One outfit, season of your choice
Number 12, Willa and Marshmallow

Fourth Prize Winner
One outfit, season of your choice
Number 43, Claire Coleshill and Molly

Now, I will contact all the winners and we will start dreaming and sewing and knitting their outfits. But, keep a sharp eye out on me, as I have a few more surprises and giveaways coming in the next few weeks. This whole giveaway thing is so much fun, I think I am hooked!. Thank goodness for swimming lessons for the wee ones, where I can knit to my heart's content, and for summer outdoor play, when I can scurry away into the sewing room to create things with my hands.

And thank you, one more time, to everybody that took the time, out of their busy lives and even holidays, to enter this giveaway and to send me all those lovely photos. Be assured that they have made my heart swell with happyness, and that I feel utterly blessed to be here.

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