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Toulouse, a Kismet doll for you!

Bonsoir! this is Toulouse, a natural doll designed for imaginative play. This doll is offered in my new Kismet style. Meaning: if you don't have a doll made by me then, you can leave a comment to obtain the chance to purchase her, and if the gods of luck are in your favour, she will go home to you!

Toulouse is a very kind and sweet little doll. She spends most of the time in her dreamworld, out of where she draws much inspiration to re-tell marvelous stories to her sweet little baby: Birdy. Birdy and Toulouse go everywhere together, she wouldn't dream of parting with this sweet little wool doll, which she cuddles and plays with all day.

Toulouse is also very, very shy. Please never speak directly looking at her, because her cheeks flush red like you've never seen before! She feels such a strong rush of emotions that sometimes she runs away and hides behind the closest parapet. Therefore, the best way of approaching Toulouse is to caress her mohair head, to sing to her very softly and to let her know you would like to play with her. Then she is all smiles and you will find yourself a friend for life.

Toulouse is wearing a cotton double-gauze dress, pure linen pants and a pair of wool maryjanes. She has a little scarf and a pretty hair tie to keep her soft locks off her face. Birdy is made out of wool, and was carefully and lovingly needlefelted, with some embroidery details and a cute white bird as well. Birdy loves to hang out in her wool pouch, and is her preferred way of transportation: on Toulouse's shoulder. You can certainly take her out of her pouch, and interact with her as well, just be mindful that since she is a baby she loves to be swaddled inside her wooly pouch most of the time.

Toulouse is made with cotton interlock and stuffed firmly with pure wool. Her hair is mohair, and is firmly sewn to her head. Toulouse and her clothing items are handwashable and lay flat to dry. She forms part of my French Dreams collection. A collection based in the love of french culture and small details, that nurture imaginative play. Toulouse stands 12" tall and is all love and sweetness. Her skin tone reminds me of la ville rose, and so I made her inspired by this most wonderful city.

The opportunity to purchase Toulouse is open to all of those who do not own a Fig&Me doll. Thank you so much for giving this a little bit of thought and for coming to check her out. She is so, so, so excited to go to her new home soon that she can hardly wait until tomorrow night! Good luck to both of you!!

Update note: The winner of Toulouse has happily received her, and she is now waiting for her new mom Lilly to meet her and welcome her. I am so very happy that this sweet little doll will be Lilly's first natural doll, and hope they become the best of friends!

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