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A new baby

I have been working at it. Birthing a new doll.It is in fact pretty much like a real birth, except you get to "plan" it. Instead of leaving it to nature to add all the features that make your baby a human, with a doll you have to design them, think about them and spend a lot of time tweaking. I like that word, tweaking. Sounds funny.

 sculpting lips has become an exercise...I am getting better and better...
Anyways, I am making this new doll for my little one. The first doll I ever made was for my first daughter, so I find it amusing that my "new" doll, now on some sort of dollmaking path three years later, is for my littlest one. This doll has many, many sculpting and design challenges for me, but I find a lot of joy in encountering problems and solving them one at a time. I have learned the greatest skill of all: patience.

her nose is more human like, and her cheeks are sculpted
I have been having fun turning the head into a more human shape, and adding features here or there, to resemble children. I want this doll to feel different than my current dolls, I want her to be more detailed, not so simple, but also more child like. She is an exact copy of the bodily proportions of my daughter, it is some sort of doll monument to this moment in time. A moment that somehow I want to freeze. I want to make a doll that will make me remember how little she was when she was with me all the time, the two of us all day.

She has a name. Her name is Figlette. She will be 13" tall, give or take the particulars of the handmade life, made of all natural materials, and she will have her own wardrobe to boot. How about that?! I can't wait to finish her up and give her to my daughter. Thing is, since I have two girls, I have to make another one almost at the same time, so there is no rivalry issues at home. I will be sure to post them when they are finished.

An ode to fiber

Toulouse, a Kismet doll for you!