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This custom doll is the third of the year. A special number I believe. For a special girl. With very specific details. You see, this doll is meant to help a little girl whose Mom works with sick children. And the doll will serve as an aide to explain to this little girl all the procedures that Mom's little courageous patients go through.

comfy sleepers with hand dyed merino

a house coat made of cotton flannel

At the beginning I was afraid of starting her. Afraid of that pain, of how life circumstances can change so suddenly and you find yourself with a very sick child in your hands. I was reminded and thankful of the health of all the children in my family and of my own. I was deeply honoured that  my hands were chosen for such a unique doll. And I tried my hardest to imbue her with all the things that this Mom wanted to be able to teach and share with her daughter.

I am sharing with you the intimacies of this doll because I believe she is truly special and I went through some insights while  making her. Even though life is surrounded by so much pain, and the growth that comes with it, there is so much joy and laughter. I was fearing she was going to come out "sick" (as in appearance), but au contraire, she is rather cheerful, positive, and has a big smile. I am told this is what most of these little patients act like while in intensive care. They are very respectful and happy. Maybe we take life for granted in such a way that we do not stop and realize what a big gift we have in our hands.

By making this doll I paused to think that there is so much to be thankful, there are way more important things than choosing the perfect button or the "right" charming fabric, that real life is waiting for me while I obsess about minuscule things, and that I am very lucky to be able to transform raw materials into a doll. A doll like this one.

After making her, and after having the stirrup of emotions, I can honestly tell you that I feel happy. Happiness does fill my heart when I make dolls, even more so dolls like this one. I have made dolls for sick children in the past, more often than not I get a request to make a doll for a child with autism, and I feel very proud that my hands are chosen to do this work. But by making this doll, for a very healthy and beautiful child, who at age 10 is still playing actively with her dolls, I felt even more honoured, more proud, and more happy with what I do.

So, Honour, from my hands to yours. Here she is. Thank you.

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