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Les petits détails

It's all about those, isn't it?. Especially when it comes to dolls I believe. Dolls with a lot of small details to point out, to ask questions about, to learn with, to marvel at and wonder, to keep the imaginative juices going.

Miss Champs Elysees is wearing a chic headband over here

I have been thinking lately, and especially today since it was a blustery, blizzardy, cold snap-kind-of-day, why is it that I feel so strongly about my dolls. Is it because I spend so much time on them? Is it because the natural materials absorb so much of my energy that I totally feel like the dolls are an extension of me? Is it because dolls resemble small children, and we all associate our innocence and sense of wonder with this period of our lives? Is it because I envision them for children? Is it because they portray humankind, with their sculpted head and warm-like wool qualities? What is it?

I think is a mix of the above, but I do believe dolls, and especially this kind of dolls, have a very peculiar quality to them. The fact that they are entirely handmade adds to their charm and uniqueness, and the philosophy behind them gives them a weight. I love dolls. I never did love them this much. And I am happy to make them, the way they are.

The first set of dolls from the French Dreams collection has already made an appearance: Montmartre, Paris, Champs-Élysées et Provence. I am enjoying working with such amazing fabrics, and linen has always been a love of mine. With the *raging* winter outside, it feels nice to curl up surrounded by spring-like shades, by flowers and bows, and especially by memories of trips made a long time ago...c'est la vie de la poupées faite à la main, chez Fabs...


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