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Them french girls

 Have me very, very busy. Today I sewed and cut, and gathered, and ironed, and knit (just a wee bit), and serged, and hemmed, and stamped, and cut elastic, and looked at buttons, and chose trims (so exciting...it's my favourite part!), and took photos, and sent emails, drank coffee, stoked the fire several times, talked to the husband, looked out the window at a chubby whiskey jack who keeps coming to visit, then sewed some more, pondered about different buttons, touched lots of linen, achieved fuller sleeves, and felt really happy.

Oh! I also did one of my most favourite steps of dollmaking: grabbed a thick, long piece of wool, wound it and wound it, stoked it, rubbed it, turned into a head. I am imagining a lot of little smiles and chubby cheeks with these new heads. I can't wait to fill round tummies with wool again! My custom dolls are taking shape little by little and I will tell you a little bit more about them as I progress with their growth/evolution.

And why all this activity? Well, my daughters spent the night with their grandparents, and so I had the morning and noon all to my creative meanderings. It is so nice to sew with natural light. I am going to bed with a big smile and a content heart.

I have been feeling a little sad, but today with all this activity I felt better, and had a lot of time to think, while sipping my hot coffee and touching nice things. I will write very soon about what has been in my head lately. I hope you are having a nice weekend.

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