Back on the saddle

my inspiration boards are going to get a makeover very soon!

We just came home with a chest full of wonderful things! Things that will help me create visions of parisian cafes, promenades, lazy river afternoons, fields of flax warming up to the sun, old palaces full of history and organza flowers, all cute menageries.

A new black cover sketchbook awaits for me. My watercolour pencils have suffered my absence, but they sit tight. It is a bright, cold, and foggy friday morning. I wish I could just sit and sketch all day because my head is brimming with ideas, however, I have to let these ideas sip in, grow more, and take a better hold of what it is I want to create. Otherwise I just go ahead and cut fabric very excited, only to realize a week later that I was leaning more towards something else but I jumped the gun too quickly.

Oh yes, it is better to sip more coffee, go for a walk and let all these images dance in my head a little longer. Good things come to those who wait. I am exercising a lot of restraint these days, I am getting better and better at being patient, with my hands, with my thoughts and with life in general. I think the next dolls that come out of this are going to be oh! so good!!.
Posted on January 7, 2011 and filed under dollmaking, process.