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Today she couldn't wait any longer. She had to go outside and chase dandelion heads and make bouquets of speedwell. 

Maedhbhina is a natural fiber art doll, created by Fig and Me. 

Her sisters and I watched as she went through the garden, picking this and that, singing to the birds, encouraging all frogs. It was quite a sight and if you've never witnessed a fairy at work, then you are in for some real treat.

Maedhbhina, natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Wearing her swarovsky crystal "dew drops" and embroidered petals on her felt hat.

She climbed trees and made leaves grow. She checked on all the resident birds and inspected nests most thoroughly. I asked if she could be so kind and maybe tip an empty one my way, but the look of horror on her face replied most succinctly.

Apparently, you are not supposed to pillage nests off of trees. I always pick mine off the floor, usually brought down by faulty nest-building and windy season, but lesson learned.

Beautiful quince flowers. 

Maedhbhina, a Spring fairy art doll by Fig and Me.

She was the most impressed with the quince flowers. Encouraging words were sent their way, and inspiring descriptions of their colours were sung loud and clear.

Spring is here, Maedhbhina declared. We all vowed.

The arrival of Spring. By Fig and Me. 

So please excuse us, fairies are most busy at this time of year. Making sure nobody is left behind. We will come back soon though, and perhaps her sisters will grace our humble pages with their presence. We can only hope.

It is also our hope that Spring has arrived in your neck of the woods and that the blossoms of Mother Earth are gracing your table, and calming your spirit. it is a beautiful season full of pretty light and shiny colours. 

Climbing mountains.

Climbing mountains.