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Climbing mountains.

Climbing mountains.

Dear Aibreánn has been reading a lot of books lately, which is her favourite pastime. But I am not sure what she read exactly as of late she considers herself a mountaineer.

Aibreann is a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

In no mood to make her a set of climbing clothes, what? with the need for specialized footwear (according to Aibreann of course!) I just followed her lead. She guided me through the towering pomegranate forest (as ancient as water itself she told me), and through the savannah that has become our poor front garden.

Linen doll skirt, by Fig and Me. Fabric is by Megumi Sakakibara.

When I professed my horror at her lack of direction, she promptly replied that in order not to misplace her map (which she is tend to do, forgets easily as she gets absorbed in lectures) she decided to wear it.

I could see the genius at work. In skirt form, she could easily just turn it around her waist and devise the new route. Touché dear Airbreánn.

Aibreann, a custom natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

In love with Violet Baudelaire, she likes to tie her hair into a pony tail. But since she is no copycat, she does it into two pig tails instead. You should see her serious face as she is trying to come up with a new scheme while tying her hair up. She is quite funny this little girl. 

We continued the ascent through the rocky slopes (some decorative boulders on our garden) and Aibreann decided to stop for a bit to "admire the view". These dolls keep me young I tell you.

Aibreann, climbing mountains. Natural Fiber Art doll by Fig and Me. 

It was such a lovely expedition, full of peril and adventure. Mosquitoes as large as helicopters tried to take us hostage. A furious furry beast kept tailing us (literally!). Dandelion seeds served as a wonderful mode of transportation, though a bit slippery and I felt I could die at any moment. Aibreann kept us safe, with her wonderful map, her hair-ties full of inspiration, and her great outlook on life.

Aibreann, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

As you probably know, Aibreann is a custom 17" figlette who is ready to travel home. But not before we show you her beautiful cardigan and her best friend. Perhaps tomorrow these two little girls will decide to say good-bye for good. But for now, we must climb down from this mountain (yes, laundry beckons) and go grocery shopping. I wonder what sort of adventures she is going to come up with as we go through the aisles of canned green beans and mountains of papayas. 

To be continued.

Friends forever.

Friends forever.