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Adelheid Fancy-Pants, ready to play.

Adelheid Fancy-Pants, ready to play.

Yes, in case you were wondering, that is her real name, Miss Fancy-Pants. If you want to read more about her, please come on in.

Adelheid, a natural fiber art doll ready to play. By Fig and Me.


Adelheid is a very young little creature. I would venture to say she is about 6 years old. Full of ideas and imagination, but old enough to get herself into loads of trouble. Still little that she gets scared easily, or needs encouragement to climb higher on the apple tree, but adventurous enough to play behind the barn all alone, where the shadows and the spooky sounds abound.


Little Adelheid, an 18inch natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Adelheid "riding" her flying horse. Not a pegasus she said. By Fig and Me.

Adelheid playing on the deck. A natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.


And why Fancy-Pants you wonder? Well, let me tell you. Adelheid can be very prissy some days, for example: she wants things that have wee bits of lace, just plain won't cut it. Especially if we are talking about dresses or pockets. She likes things to be proper, like "proper napkins", "proper flowers", "proper hellos". I think she likes that word a bit too much.


In fact, I believe Adelheid is in love with the sound of that word in her mouth. Have you ever loved a word? so much so that you say it with everything, you write it on bits of paper left on the kitchen table, you whisper it to yourself, you trace it with your fingers in the air? I do that a lot with certain words, and I think Adelheid, being the little child that she is, totally absorbed that and now she does it all the time. Proper she likes.

Little Adelheid, a natural fiber art doll ready to play, by Fig and Me.


And it's not so much that she even knows what "proper" means, but she adores saying the word out loud. It can be trying, yes…to constantly hear "proper this or proper that". But when such a little doll looks at you, with those gentle blue eyes and rosy cheeks, and is asking you to properly braid her hair…you don't stay annoyed for long let me tell you.


Little Miss Adelheid Fancy-Pants, a natural doll by Fig and Me.

Aside this proper business, Adelheid is very sweet. She likes to play and cook outside, and gather grass clipping and bits of flowers (properly that is). She told me yesterday that she wishes one day to wake up to blue hair. I shudder to think of it, but there you go. Little girls have awkward dreams some times.

Adelheid is still very little, so she must be put to bed with a story. Not just a bath and bed time snack and off she goes. Oh no! she requires storytelling to fall asleep. All the Elsa Beskow books are her most favourites, especially the story of Emily and Daisy. She takes pride on knowing to do all the little things that Emily does. And pretends the dog is Daisy and is trying to eat too much clover. She reprimands the dog, or should we say Daisy, and then off she goes again. Another of her favourites is "A Sick Day for Amos McGee". She just loves to see all the animals visiting Amos.

Adelheid, looking for adventure. By Fig and Me.


So there you have it. Adelheid plays hide-and-seek with gusto, bakes mud muffins and decorates them "properly" with white clover, is learning to trace all the letter of the alphabet in her sand tray, and goes to bed quite early, but with a book.


If you have fallen in love with her, just like I have, please continue to read to find all about her construction, details and pricing. She is looking for a home today.

Adelheid counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…playing hide and seek with me. By Fig and Me.


Adelheid is a natural fiber art doll, made entirely by me. She is about 18" tall, made with my figlette pattern. She is made with european cotton interlock and stuffed very firmly with clean wool. She has a little belly, a sculpted bum and knees, and needle-felted facial features. Her eyes are embroidered with my favourite blue. Her cheeks are blushed with red beeswax (same as her knees, elbows…etc). Her hair is mohair weft sewn to a wool cap. Adelheid is recommend as a toy for a child 6+ or an adult collector.


Adelheid wears a lot of linen because she likes it best for the summer. She has a cute top, made with a vintage, repurposed linen fabric. The softness of this aged linen is unbeatable, it feels so creamy and precious between your hands. It is very light and has hemstitching all around. The top is sleeveless and close on back with two broad ties. It is meant to let the breeze through her back. 


She has pink jersey underwear and a pair of linen shorts with elastic waist and patch pockets trimmed with cotton lace. The shorts have elastic on the leg hem as well, to stay put when you climb up the trees. 


Adelheid wears a pair of linen oxford or saddle shoes. They are fully lined and have velour soles for added comfort. The ties are golden ric rac. As a  last item, Adelheid requested a summer hat, with a wool felt bead on the top. It makes her giggle. 

Adelheid showing off details of her clothes, by Fig and Me.

If you are willing to put up with this little girl, and fully commit to the bed time story, please enter your details in the form below. Her price is $1100 USD plus postage ($45 to the USA and Canada, International will need a revised quote - taxes apply to Canadian residents). Please only submit the form if you are personally interested in welcoming Adelheid, and not on behalf of someone else. We will leave her form open for a day, and we will close it tomorrow Tuesday August 2nd at 9 PM EST. At that moment, we will select a person at random to purchase Adelheid and a Paypal invoice will be sent, which is due then.


Hi! My name is Adelheid, do you want to play? By Fig and Me.


Thank you kindly for coming to read about this little girl, I hope you consider bringing her into your home and reading her lots of bedtime stories. Also, you are going to have to eat a lot of grass cakes and flower muffins, but she is cute so we endure.


So much gratefulness for your continued attention to this place, a cozy corner of my creative world. Thank you again for coming to visit. See you tomorrow night.

Little Adelheid, a natural waldorf inspired doll by Fig and Me.

I finally hugged her.

I finally hugged her.

Agnes, the dreamer.

Agnes, the dreamer.