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Brought from the past, but they are not.

Brought from the past, but they are not.

Hedwig and Dagmar, the light and dark brunettes. Two natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me.


I fell in love with these two names quite some time ago. Somehow I was reading about the russian nobility and who married who and all that and went back several hundred years and from that adventure I came out with these two names: Hedwig and Dagmar. I think they have to be some of the most beautiful names I have ever heard.


Dagmar, a natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me. Long dark brown mohair weft and blue eyes.

Hedwig, a natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me. Long camel weft hair and a sweet daisy for good measure.


As I told you in the June Love Letter, I was to have two figlettes ready somewhere around this time. They are fully stuffed now, I am knitting a thing or two for them at the moment and we had decided on clothes. Yet…I might still change my mind. Their names bring me so many visions of the past and while I intend to make their clothes very contemporary and practical, something tells me I might go the old-school way. Oh, who knows? Every time I decide to dress a doll x way they all go about and change things for me. I better not make any plans.


Hedwig and her daisy, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Dagmar, a natural cloth art doll, waldorf-inspired, by Fig and Me. 

Hedwig and Dagmar, two natural cloth art dolls by Fig and Me.

So, there you have it. Nothing for sure. Except the two of them. Hedwig is just a bit taller than Dagmar, she is 20" and Dagmar close to 18". I will leave all day today to ponder on their clothes, maybe we will go with what we thought: gingham and Liberty of London for one, Linen Nani Iro for the other one. Or maybe we will just take a deep breath, and dive super deep in the fabric basket and make miracles happen. While I don't appreciate my sketches and ideas being thrown away, I must confess I love it when the dolls give me these utter bits of inspiration. Maybe I will even be so lucky to meld their ideas and mine together. Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful? 

What do you think? Should they be wearing "normal" children's clothes? or something a bit more romantic and old school? I do love those puffy long skirts, shawls and heavily gathered blouses I must say. Doll clothing drama to be continued.

Dagmar, the aspiring painter.

Dagmar, the aspiring painter.

Phoebe, the moonbeam.

Phoebe, the moonbeam.