Clíodhna and Aoife, sisters forever.

Flasks of Cold Tea.

So the story goes. Aoife leaves pots, tea cups and flasks of cold tea all over the house. This is not a perk, more like pesky bread crumbs strewn over your favourite book. Clíodhna tidies after her, with a bright smile and a little wink when Aoife apologizes, always answering her “What are sisters for?”. 

Flasks of Cold Tea, or what are sisters for? via Fig & me.

You see, Aoife is one of those waifs with her head up in the clouds. She can look right through you, stone-faced, only to giggle uncontrollably a few seconds later: recollections of happy summer days, of tickling flights, the tasty feeling of curling under starchy blankets while the sun streams over your head. Yes, you could say Aoife is a dreamer. Clíodhna knows this, and provides the necessary practicalities that such people require: buttered toast in the mornings, a clean floor, a cozy spot to reminisce, an eager ear. After all, what are sisters for? 

Aoife and Cliodhna, two natural fiber art dolls, by Fig and me.

What are sisters for? via Fig and Me. 

Sisters are for listening to old records together, 

after just discovered them in a dusty attic or a musty box. 

Little boots for little dolls, by Fig and Me. 


Sisters are for holding hands, when you have to walk

through the dark and scary backyard to close the chicken coop.

Because Mom is too scared to do it herself.


Cliodhna, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Aoife, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.


Sisters are for braiding your hair, making daisy chains,

for beating their record at jumping rope.


Aoife and Cliodhna, two natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me. 


A sister gives you the hardest push on the swing…

and laughs the hardest with you when you fall in the mud.


Aoife and Cliodhna, two natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me. 


You inherit their clothes, you steal their best pencil crayons. 

You can blame your wrong doings on them, and also take 

the parental shaming when you know they are too embarrassed to own up to it.


Cliodhna, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Sisters are the pepper of life. 

They make your tongue feel starched in the morning

because you stayed up all night telling each other scary stories.


Aoife, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

You take baths together, you laugh together, 

you cry together.

A few flasks of cold tea won’t kill that. Especially if you are the type of person to own a cheeky squint. 


Cliodhna, with her cheeky smile. A natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Aoife and Clíodhna are two natural sister dolls looking for a home. It pains the heart to separate them, but I know they will write each other. They are both made with my Petite Fig pattern (extremely slender) and measure approximately 20” tall. They have needle-felted sculpted faces, and hand-embroidered eyes. Clíodhna has hand-painted freckles. Their hair is mohair weft, treated to stay curly, sewn to a wool cap. It can be styled and washed, it is best to use your fingers though. Aoife loves to wear braids. 

Aoife in the snow, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Clíodhna is wearing a cotton dress, with cashmere ribbing. The dress closes on back with sewn-in snaps. She has a pair of lambswool pantaloons, cotton undies, knee-high socks, and merino wool boots with leather laces. I made her a sweet set of knitted accessories: a pointy hat and a poncho with baby alpaca yarn. 

Aoife wears a patchwork dress with a ruffled hem. She also has a cotton jersey, long-sleeve shirt with turtle neck, which opens fully at back for easy fit, cotton undies, wine colour tights and a pair of lambswool cabled boots that match her poncho. Aoife wears a curly rib beanie knit with pure wool. 


Cliodhna in the snow, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Both dolls are suitable for older children or adult collectors. They are made with natural materials, after many hours of attention to detail and with high-quality in mind, but they have to be handled gently.


If you would like to bring any (or both) of the girls home please fill the form below. Their individual price is $1100 USD. Shipping is quoted to the US and Canada for $45, all other countries will need a revised quote. They will travel with tracking number and insurance. Taxes apply to Canadian residents. We will leave this form open for one day, and will choose names at random to purchase the girls. We only ask that you enter if you are personally interested in bringing one (or both) home, and that you do not enter on behalf of somebody else.  You are welcome to enter for both. Tomorrow Thursday February 11th at 7 PM EDT we will close the form, randomly select homes for the girls and send both an email and a Paypal invoice, which is due upon receipt. Once the girls are ready to be shipped (it takes me a few days to say good bye), I will send you a PDF file with their care instructions.

- - - THE FORM HAS BEEN DELETED. BOTH GIRLS FOUND A HOME, EXCHANGED ADDRESSES AND PLAN TO KEEP IN TOUCH. Thank you so much to all the kind souls that volunteered to give them both a home. 

Aoife, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Thank you for coming to read about them, and for cheering me on while I was making them. Since creating those two little girls inspired by Tartan fields, I have seen a keenness develop for pairs or trios of dolls, inspired by a specific country or culture. Clíodhna and Aoife are inspired by Ireland, a beautiful island where I spent a couple of months pondering the meaning of life. You can certainly expect the trend to continue this year as I am already dreaming of Asia. Once again, most grateful that you came all the way over here to read about them, and perhaps event throw your name in the hat for one of them. Will see you all tomorrow.

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