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Nova under candle light.

The storm started late in the afternoon, the winds were howling and our old maple tree was swinging so hard we were afraid for our windows. Nobody likes snow inside the house.

Nova, a natural fiber art doll, fully poseable with an inner armature, by Fig and Me.

So we lighted a candle for Nova. Even though she is almost finished, I started Nova exactly a year ago. I needle felted her entire body around an armature, I call this particular style ‘Mannikin’, but we had to wait as Poet wanted to be made very desperately.

I put Nova aside, wrapping her carefully and putting her inside my treasure chest, and waited until the time was right to finish her. This month she appeared back in my dreams and so I returned to work on her. I am glad I waited. Nova turned one already!.

Nova celebrates her birthday with a lucky candle, by Fig and Me.

I am one year old, says Nova very happily. We celebrate quietly, while there is a raging snow storm outside. By Fig and me.

Now all we have to do is finish her wee clothes. Stay tuned for this one, not long now.

Nova, a natural fiber art doll, who wishes to become the town crier.

Nova, a natural fiber art doll, who wishes to become the town crier.

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