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On my feet.

My linen shoes, by Fig and Me.

Not much to say, except I accomplished wee dolly shoes. I made them first for Solomon, but with brown wool. This time I had to try them with linen canvas. A few more tweaks to the pattern and they will come out perfect, but Marion is very pleased with her pair. Now I just need to finish her head band and then she promised to come back here and tell you all about her. Marion will become available comment style in a day or two, for now, we shall keep staring at her cute dolly feet clad in linen. 

Linen pinafore with the prettiest selvedge, by Fig and Me. 

Clad in linen, on a mossy carpet. By Fig and Me.

A summer day, by Fig & me.

A peony for Marion.

Where do you all come from?