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But where do you get all these ideas?

Lottie and her spool of yellow thread, by Fig&me.

Seriously, Lottie? Where do you get all these crazy ideas? I asked with an exasperated tone of voice. Tired and smelly from fighting with the wood stove I was about to call it a night. Lottie smiled at me, and whispered in my ear: "I just want grand adventures, don't we all want grand adventures?". I suppose we all do, I thought to myself. Now, to go from wanting your life to turn into a grand adventure, and asking me to take you into the dusty attic to find a pirate ship, well…there is a bit of a stretch there. Although, with a little bit of imagination I suppose…it can all happen, right? "Right!" said Lottie.

Lottie wearing a yellow spool of thread, by Fig&me

Now, we must tend to the electrical cord that decided to break in the middle of the night (those elves!!) and go to the store to get one, so we can finish your clothes (irons and sewing machines do not seem to work with magic around here). I don't know…wearing a spool of yellow thread might be pushing it when it comes to a wardrobe. You are very sweet and all, but this is winter and the attic is dirty and I am not taking you up there with nothing but a wooden spool on your head, alright?--I told her very sternly, trying to sound as convincing as I could. Alright.

Lottie is a 13" tall doll, the first doll that will become available in the Toys in the Attic collection. She will be sold comment-style here in a couple of days. But first we must iron her clothes. 

Lottie and her dusty friend

A merry bunch