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Cetan Nagin, my little Lakota.

Little Lakota

The Lakota, or more properly Lakȟóta, are part of the Sioux nation. Little Cetan Nagin was happily born amongst them, one fine winter afternoon. The Lakota are a bit famous for their hunting and warring culture, so as is presumed, Cetan Nagin has a bit of a wild streak. Aren't all children happily wild? Free, wild and unbound by social constraints? Well, Cetan Nagin is the perfect example. I will let him speak for now, as I think he is pretty excited to tell you all about himself.

Wooden tomahawk

Hau, Wíyuškiŋyaŋ waŋčhíŋyaŋke ló (pleased to meet you), my name is Cetan Nagin, which in your language can mean "Shadow Hawk". I am very proud of my name, as I am very fond of all birds. The hawk is my favourite one; they are amazing hunters, they can be tamed (a little) and they speak the truth. The song of the hawk always makes me happy. I wish one day to be a hawk, to fly high up in the sky, and look down upon my people, and the land, and the rivers. I wish I can fly. I have dreams of flying, and I always think I am a hawk. My beak is hard and I can grab mice really easy, no problem.

My felt details

I play all day, to be a scout. I bring my tomahawk with me, and lie on the ground, behind the bushes; waiting for the time to make a move, without being seen, like a shadow. Leaving no trace, no smell. I am a real good scout. I map the way for my friends to move up, so that we can all go ahead in safety. My friends are hunters, but I am the scout. Being a scout is a position of high honour and I am very proud to be the scout for my friends.

A tomahawk

Leather and Feather

When I am tired, I like to lie down on the wet grass. It makes me feel happy again. I like having my legs feel heavy, from running and playing. But I like more to sit under the stars and think about the day I will be a hawk, one with the sky. Then my feathers will take me higher, wherever I can go, and the sun won't blind me. That is my dream.

Lakota boy

Cetan Nagin, is a handmade doll, inspired by the Lakota nation. Even though his clothes are non-traditional, I feel like he does look the part. Simple attire, leaving space to the imagination to claim him as a lakota member, perhaps comanche, perhaps apache, perhaps arapaho, or sioux. I have always admired native american cultures. I think they were, and some still do, in possession of greatest knowledge and wisdom. Their mythologies have always spoken clear to me, and even though the southern cultures are deep in my memory, (I come from the northern desert plains of Mexico) the apaches and the sioux also feel close to my heart. I spent too many days trying to choose the culture to inspire this little fella, and finally decided that he was to be a Lakota. Mainly because his name was just ringing loud in my heart.

My tomahawk

Cetan Nagin is a 14" tall handmade doll, made with all natural materials. He is stuffed with wool, and is made of cotton. He has been sewn strongly to withstand active play. His hair is made of wool, and was applied strand by strand to a cap sewn to his head. His clothes are made of pure linen, and are trimmed with ric rac. He has a wool felt bib, resembling a bone necklace. The feathers that he so loves, and that adorn his mane, are made also of wool felt. Cetan Nagin has little moccasins made with cashmere and wool. And his fabulous tomahawk is made of wood and leather. The design of this wooden weapon is reminiscent of Cetan Nagin's name, and I was so giddy just trying to get everything together to be properly shown to you. The tomahawk handle is wrapped in leather and accessorized with real feathers. A treat for any child to play with.

Cetan Nagin

I hope Cetan Nagin finds a home that cherishes multicultural influences. A home in which learning about different cultures, and knowing that we all have a place in this world, is important. Perhaps the little hands of a child descendant from one of these wise nations, or a little one who with no direct connection can be taught all about them through play with this little doll. Fostering the love in our little ones for people of all walks of life, is one of the many great lessons we have to teach and nurture.

If you would like to welcome Cetan Nagin in your life, please leave a comment in this post, with your name and email address. The price for the doll and his toy is $265 USD plus postage charges. 
I will leave the comments open until December 3rd, at 10:00 PM EST. 
Thank you so much for reading about my little Lakota, 
and for opening the doors of your home to him. Good luck!

*I have just notified the selected person to purchase Cetan Nagin, if all goes smoothly he should be travelling to his new home pretty soon. If there are any glitches I will let you all know. 

Thank you SO much for all your emails, comments, love and interest in this little fella. I am very humbled by the sentiments he inspired in all of you, and feel very proud that my work reminded some of you of your wonderful heritage. Thank you.

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