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Custom Doll Spots, Available for Children

So here we go! Finally I can take a few more names for the custom doll list of 2012. As previously mentioned I will be opening a few custom spots in July, and your dolls will be made during September through November. Please read carefully all of this, and decide wether this is the right thing for you and your family.

This post pertains to the following:

1. Restrictions. These spots are offered to children with NO Fig&Me dolls in their home, so they are only available to "newbies". I am offering two spots by commenting in this blog post.

2. Sizes and Prices. Custom doll is offered in any of the following sizes, and the doll will come dressed in a 4-piece full outfit (i.e. hat, dress, bloomers, shoes)

-13" doll, $285 USD
(most appropriate for a 2+ child)

-16" doll,  $385 USD
(most appropriate for a 4+ child)

-18" Figlette doll, $455 USD
(most appropriate for a 5+ child)

***pricing for custom dolls is way above the normal retail price of my dolls, 
as they entail much more work, correspondence, 
and selective materials to make the doll to your requests. 
All prices do not include shipping.
This pricing is for a doll made with yarn hair. 
If you request a wefted wig the price will increase accordingly 
depending on the kind of fibre selected.

3. Deposit. Upon selection of your name, you will be sent a small invoice for the amount of $20 USD as a non-refundable deposit. You will also be sent a file that I will need you to read through, it contains FAQs that will enlighten the process, as cancellation, payment procedures, choices, clothes, etc.

4. Procedure. Once I receive input from all the people in this new batch of custom dolls, I will then organize them and let you know in which order your doll will be made. I will contact one of you, ask for the first instalment payment on your doll, work on your doll and finish it, and upon approval you then can either pay the balance, or not (and I will refund your first payment). Then I will move on to create the next doll and so forth. Custom doll spots are not transferable at any point during the road trip.

5. Timeline. It will probably take me about a month to organize all these dolls. So I will most likely start working on the first two dolls during September, and the next two dolls in October. All dolls should be shipped before the end of November. If this timeline does not work for you, please refrain from leaving a comment, as I cannot accommodate at the moment any sort of special circumstances.

My family and I will be relocating to a different area of Ontario, and this is as much as I can commit right now. I am also only taking these four custom doll spots taking into consideration that I need to leave plenty of time and energy to create my Fall collections, and many other dolls that are dancing in my head. I need to still be able to create other dolls, and sometimes custom dolls need to be put aside for a little bit so I can take a break and do something in the spur of the moment. Without these creative outlets I wouldn't be able to offer any custom doll spots. They really are very intensive for me.

So, please, if you would like me to create a special friend for your child, one that takes into consideration who he or she is, what they like and the things that tickle their imagination, please leave a comment in this post. Comments will be allowed for a period of 2 days, I will select two people and then publish and offer the comment-style spot for the 21" Figlette, which will be open to anybody that wants a doll in that size (wether you own dolls made by me or not).

Comments are closed!
I was prepared this time and made quite a long list last night,
leaving space for any newcomers at the last hour.
I have notified the two recipients of these custom spots and I 
will publish the post for the 21" Figlette in a wee bit.
Thank you so much to everybody that entered, I wish I can make everybody a custom doll 
and I know some of you will be terribly disappointed. 
If anything helps, I plan to make some wonderful dolls over 
the Fall and close to Christmas, 
perhaps one of those will be going home to some of you.
Thank you!

Custom Doll Spot for a Figlette

Little Brier Rose, a set for Care