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A daughter of the wind

A little bit of introduction here. You see? I was a very nosy person (once upon a time) and one day, while looking for something in my mother's desk, I found a half-written (or perhaps already finished) poem she had written. The words elude me, but this phrase got stuck in my head. It was definitely a poem about herself, and the things she thought about her, calling herself "a daughter of the wind". I loved finding my Mother's own personal description, because it suits her so well. She was born and lives in a place, mostly characterized by very strong winds; and she has always loved it when the wind is blowing like crazy outside.

I finished my first official Figlette. Her name is Nely (my mother's nickname). or Nellie. or Nelly. And the more I worked on her, the more I realised this doll was never going to make it to the public. Not only because as when you work on a doll for the first time, and you are changing things, you are never quite satisfied. It has more to do with my attachment to this doll, and little by little the thought started forming in my head: this doll had to stay in the family.

I do owe my Mother a doll. She was my first-ever client! Commissioning four dolls back in November of 2008, she told me: "I want to be your first client, that way I will bring you good luck". And oh man! did she ever!. Three years later, many dolls made and sent away, many clothes and shoes, and friends made along the way, and I am still here. Creating. And she still has no doll of her own (she gifted the first four dolls she wanted), made by me.

I think I owe her big time in this regard, so here she is Mom: your very own Figlette, the first of many I hope!

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