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Tia, a Kismet doll

So here we go! another sweet doll available kismet style. As promised, I intend on offering on a regular basis dolls that will go comment-style and offered only to those who have no Fig&Me dolls in their homes.

I present you Tia, one of the dolls in the Nursery Rhymes collection. Her nursery rhyme goes something like this:

"A tisket, a tasket
a green and yellow basket..."
and you can pretty much come up with whatever you want, like Tia here, who chooses to sing it like this:

"I wrote a letter to my friend,
and on the way I dropped it,
I dropped it, I dropped it,
and on the way I dropped it."

Tia is a very likeable doll, precisely for her uncanny ability to adapt to all kinds of situations and to always see the best in everything and everybody. She is just one of those kind souls who always have hope and always chirpy. She loves cinnamon rolls, silly poems, and banana milkshakes. I created Tia with the hope that she will go to a home where she will be played with, where she will bring smiles and where she will join many fun family adventures.

Tia is a natural doll, and is 16" tall approx. She is made with high quality materials and stuffed firmly with sweet wool. Her hair is a mix of handspun yarn (made by luxfish.etsy.com) and mohair yarn, which has been applied strand by strand to allow for versatile looks. Her facial features are embroidered, she has handpainted little freckles and rosy cheeks done with beeswax. She is wearing a cotton blouse with a silly applique basket and an embroidered "letter". She is also wearing a pair of cotton pants and hand dyed wool maryjanes with wooden buttons. Tia is a high quality toy made to be played with, in a gentle fashion.

This doll is designed for children 4+.  Tia is $198 USD plus shipping. If you would like to bring Tia to your home, please leave a comment here. If the kismet is in your favour, I will then send you all the particulars via email and a paypal invoice. Once contacted you will have 24 hours to issue payment, and if I dont hear from you I will then select another person.

Thanks to all the kind souls interested in making Tia a part of their home. We are both very excited to see whom she will go and play with!.

COMMENTS CLOSED! The selected person is Cait (gidget444). I am off to notify via email. Thanks everybody who showed an interest into bringing Tia home. It caused lots of giggles and she was jumping up and down so excited wanting me to pick a number already. Thanks again. More Kismet dolls will be coming...

Bye-bye Nursery Rhymes

A story of patience.