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Posie Mae: a natural fiber art doll ready to play

Posie Mae: a natural fiber art doll ready to play

Posie Mae, the little girl with pink hair, is looking for a home to adopt her but before you say yes, please read a bit more about her personality. She is a little bit of a rascal.

Posie Mae is a natural fiber art doll by fig and me.

As you can tell, Posie Mae is a little girl, she has been ever so lucky to be kept out of school and spends all morning colouring with her big box of crayons, making play-dough animals, felting little balls of wool to adorn the Christmas tree (she is way ahead of the crowd) and eating undecent amounts of toasted bread.

Her favourite breads are the ones that have nuts, seeds or the very bast: cardamom. One of her favourite spices. If the bread is “unnutted”, as she calls normal bread, then she makes sure to dollop enough peanut butter to cause arteries to burst. Or at least plug up the entire system. She does turn her nose up at raisins.

Posie Mae, a natural fiber art doll by fig and me, wearing her sweet pyjamas.

Posie Mae, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me.

Aside her preposterous amount of daily ingested bread, she also loves to read books. Of course, she hasn’t learned to read yet but she can “tag along” to the pictures and sometimes keeps true to form, whilst other times she makes stories “on the fly”. Little Red Riding Hood turns into a scary and very pushy cleaning lady, trying to summon aging grandmothers out of bed so she can change the sheets…you get the drill.

Posie Mae is not particularly fond of the rainy day season. She tries her best to be cheerful but demands to wear her pyjamas all day long. Since the light is perfect for drawing by the window, that’s pretty much where you will find her. Concocting art. Pulling visions from the ether onto butcher paper.

“I am not getting out of bed” says Posie Mae. Doll by Fig and Me.

Of course, I have no problem letting Posie Mae off to do whatever she pleases. She is still little and we don’t like to pester the children in this house. The other dolls try their best to not succumb to the bad habits of staying in pjs all day long, but some days Posie Mae wins and keeps everybody in night clothes. They do cozy up in such a nice bunch those dolls. If only one could follow.

Posie Mae and the rainy day. By fig and me.

Although it has been such a beautiful few weeks having Posie Mae here at home with us, we are finally ready to bid her good-bye. She is trying (not very gracefully) to find a loving home that can welcome her colouring abilities and feed her mountains of toast. If you happen to be of such disposition, than read on.

Posie Mae by Fig and Me.

Posie Mae is a natural fiber art doll, made in my Little Fig doll size, which measures about 15” tall. She is made with Swiss jersey and stuffed very firmly and smoothly with Canadian wool. Her face has been needle-felted to achieve those pretty features, and her freckles hand-painted. Her eyes are embroidered with a nice chestnut brown.

Posie Mae has cute little ears, a sculpted tushy, a little belly button, bumpy knees and a round belly. She is a doll suitable for a child 6+ or an adult collector.

Posie Mae wears her Liberty of London jumpsuit. By fig and me.

She wears two outfits:
- a set of pyjamas, made with repurposed cotton knit. The shirt opens fully at back and closes with sewn-in metal snaps. The pants have wide ribbing so they stay put. She likes to wear them a little lower than her natural waist, because she doesn’t like her belly “squished” she says.

-a beautiful jumpsuit|overalls|romper kind of thing. Not entirely sure what this is called, but it’s all one-piece. The bodice is lined and the legs are ultra wide, bound to the ankles with elastic. She can hike them up to go jumping in the puddles (if she’s allowed) or wear them low with sandals (which she doesn’t own but maybe you can oblige). She likes ruffles so we gave her one atop each shoulder and a big raw linen bow, as this is her fancy outfit. This outfit also opens at back and closes with metal sewn-in snaps.

-wool/alpaca boots knitted with goldenrod-dyed yarn and cute underwear.

Posie Mae wears her knitted blueberry-blue beret. By fig and me.

Posie Mae wanted a hat to remember the season she was born. She came with us many a time to pick blueberries, so naturally these are her favourite. I concocted this knitted beret for her, which she wears in many different ways. As a slouchy hat, as a tight toque, and as a parisian beret. The choice is hers (and yours) to enjoy.

The hat is knitted in the round, so there are not seams, and is of very fine gauge. It has the customary “berry bump” at the top, tell-tale sign of those magical blueberries.

Posie Mae wears her knitted cowl, by Fig and me.

She also wears a lovely knitted cowl. The weather turned quickly here in Canada, and I felt a little worried that she would be cold on her way home. So I made her a sweet cowl with a honeycomb cable. Two little wooden buttons help this number to stay put, and most importantly, to open fully so she doesn’t mess her hair (sarcastic joke, she doesn’t like brushing her hair).

Posie Mae and her braids. By Fig and me.

As you might have noticed, Posie Mae has a few different hair styles. She has two removable braids, which we pin wherever she likes. Most of the time she just likes to wear them around her head, but sometimes we roll them into cinnamon buns and pin them to the sides. Other days she doesn’t want to wear them at all and is just her and crazy wild Mohair head. She will come to you with a few barrettes to help you style her braids. Her hair is made of Wild Brushable Mohair in the loveliest shade of pink.

Posie Mae by Fig and Me, a natural fiber art doll.

Posie Mae is a one-of-a-kind doll and her price of adoption is $695 USD. Shipping to US and Canada is $45 USD; International customers will need a revised quote. HST/GST applies to Canadian residents.

If you would like to welcome this little girl into your home, please enter your name in the form below. She will be open for entries until Friday September 6th at 6 PM EST, at which point we will close the form and choose a family at random to proceed to purchase. Invoice is sent via Paypal. Please only enter if you are personally interested in bringing her home and not on behalf of someone else.

- -ENTRY FORM DELETED. Posie Mae’s family has been notified of their lucky draw. If all goes well, she will be traveling soon to her new home. Thank you so much for all your love for this little girl. We were a little surprised at the number of willing families trying to adopt her. I think she broke the record! Hehehe…your kindness and love for my dolls makes what I do possible. Thank you so much for your support!

Posie Mae by Fig and Me.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for reading a little bit more about Posie Mae. We have high hopes that she finds her true home and that she brings all the magic and sweetness that she has been doting on us for the pass few weeks. It is a bit sad to let her go, but she must find her own path in life. Now I must go and play with her before our time runs out.

Thank you once more and see you soon!

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