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Ready Frida? We are going home.

Ready Frida? We are going home.

This little rascal is finally ready to head out to her mother, but whilst here, she keeps pushing all my buttons.

First we had to re-draft all the "bottoms", like her underwear and leggins, due to extreme roundness of her behind. Thinking she might get cross if I mentioned it, I just continued my merry way. It actually made her giggle, and making this little girl giggle is almost impossible. She likes to keep a rather somber face to keep me on my toes.

I offered a pretty pink jersey with red roses, you know? because the "other Frida" liked roses and large flowers so much. No dice. She chose the tiny green stripes with picot diamonds. Actually one of my favourites, so I did not complain. She asked wether these were "proper clothes" or "mere night clothes". Mere! As if!!.

Of course she had to have flowers on her underpants. That we both agreed on. We picked a super bright floral interlock and we went to town choosing elastics. We settled on the deep green one, to match the "mere night clothes" that are actually a very proper top and leggins to be worn under her chocolate linen dress. This girl seriously.

Her mother requested flowers in her head. Frida chose felt beads. I felt a little bad, but when we tried wool felt flowers and silk flowers she just rolled her eyes…constantly. I couldn't take it! I can't work under pressure like that. In a moment of lucid inspiration, I offered her the bin of wool felt beads and she smiled. Have I told you how hard it is to make her smile? Well…I counted my blessings right then and there, got two red beads and made her a barrette with a wooly pompom. Somedays you just gotta pick your battles I say.

We also made her a beautiful, old school style, chocolate linen dress. This fabric is what dreams are made of, and so wished my sheets were made with it because it has got to be the softest, creamiest, most supple fabric I have ever worked with. No joke. No exaggeration. Nothing but the truth for you peeps.

The dress has ample ease, so like I mentioned, she can wear it on top of her green shirt and leggins if she so wishes. I had oodles of fun making the wee embroidery flowers, hoping to God they came out looking like flowers and not like a toddler vision and poor execution. I think  I did great! There is definitely much room for improvement when it comes to my embroidery on garments, but if nothing, we are eager and we persevere. Frida seemed to enjoy the conundrum of choosing right colours, and sat patiently in the porch with me, while I embroidered the afternoon away and the mourning-doves sang to us pretty songs. 

Her little cardigan we thought was a must. After all, things can get chilly at night in the summer, and early in the mornings too. A deep mustard was used and we giggled when we saw it matched the viscid acacia blooming at this time of year. Some days you really get lucky in life. 

As you can tell Frida is quite the character. I.cannot.wait. for her mother to meet her, and for her to join the family of little girls and lots of dolls that await her. I think they are all going to be smitten with her, and I think she knows it. This Little Frida might be young but she knows too much already. Lord helps them wrangle her in.

It was so much fun to create her, and work on her little wardrobe. I have never made a doll this size as a custom and I might offer it more often because I truly, truly enjoyed it. 

Thank you dear Angela for giving me the chance to see her sprout out of my hands. I hope she is everything you dreamed of and that she brings her stubborn nature, her fierce heart and her abundance of love into your lives. So excited for you all to meet her!. 

Ada and the spring cleaning.

Ada and the spring cleaning.

Little Frida, revisiting the inspiration.

Little Frida, revisiting the inspiration.